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  • American Dream by Edward Albee Director  McMaster University

  • Antigone Jean Anouilh  Director  University of Toronto, Graduate Center for the Study of Drama

  • The Lovers by Harold Pinter Director University of Toronto, Graduate Center for the Study of Drama

  • Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett Producer Theater Fountainhead

  • Map of the World by David Hare, Producer  Theater Fountainhead/ Canadian Stage

  • The Meeting by Jeff Stetson Assistant Director Theater Fountainhead

  • A Play of Giants by Wole Soyinka Assistant Director Equity Theater Toronto

  • Karma Cola adapted from the book by Gita Mehta Writer/Producer/Director Equity Theater Toronto

  • Tattoo by Dea Loher Director Equity Theater Toronto

  • The Big Shoe by Otmar Sauer Director  Fringe Festival Toronto

  • My Kind of Night by Steve R.E Pereira Writer/Producer/Director  Fringe Festival Toronto

  • It's a Goan Thing by Toronto Goan Youth Writer/Producer/Director Theater West Toronto

  • Fiddler On The Roof  by Jerry Bock, Sheldon Harnick, and  Joseph Stein Director  St Mathew's Musical Society, Melbourne 

  • Variations on the Theme of Bed by Steve R. E. Pereira Writer/Producer/Director Fringe Festival Melbourne

  • Fear and Misery in the Third Reich by Bertholt Brecht Director Darebin Theater Project, Melbourne

  • Kabaret: A Burlesque Show Director Darebin Theater Project, Melbourne

  • Life and Other Katastrophes Kabaeret Director Darebin Theater Project, Melbourne

  • Tickle My Arts Cabaret Show Director Big West Festival Melbourne

  • The Graceful Giraffe Cannot Become a Monkey by Steve RE Pereira (adaption of Okot p'Biteks' Song of Lawino, Song of Ocol) Writer/Producer/Director Big West Festival and Masters of Directing Thesis Project VCA Melbourne

  • Mother Courage by Bertholt Brecht Assistant Director VCA Melbourne

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