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Their love was their shame.

Malcriad (a Konkani term of abuse that roughly translates to 'badly or shamefully behaved' man) is a 20-minute psycho sexual drama set in contemporary Melbourne. 

This sensitive, thought- provoking film explores the complex relationship between two young men from a close knit, conservative, Catholic South Indian community. 

Malcriad  moves beyond simplistic notions of good and evil. It is about learning to live with uncomfortable truths. It follows through on French philosopher George Bataille who argued that to surpass loneliness and ephemerality, we must overcome taboos and engage with the erotic. 

Written and Directed By     Steve RE  Pereira

Patrick                                    Chenturan Aran

Sebastian                               Shak Dias

Louise                                     Camille Gautam

Produced by                          Pius Kung

Executive Producer              Steve RE Pereira

Associate Producer              Michael Mifsud

Director of Photography      Garret Eckerson

1st AD/Unit Stills                   Murray Enders

Production Designer            Garth Ernstzen

Editor                                       Kevin Luk

Gaffer                                      Aiden D'Arcy

1st AC                                      Dave Rusanow

                                                Justin Macawill

Sound Recording & Mixer   Rizky Pratama

Makeup and Hair Design    Rochelle Savrimoothoo

Intimacy Coordinator           Margot Fenley

Music Composer                  Adrian McNeil

Colour Grading                     Garret Eckerson

Production Assistant            William Du

Extras                                     Rochelle Savrimoothoo

                                                William Du

Graphic Artist                       Theresa Gunarso                                                                 

With thanks to

Daniel Schultheis and Cinespace,

Carl Stella, John Kassab, Andrew Blogg, 

Malcreados: A Short Film About Love: Welcome
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